Even when you're great, a coach makes you better!
Even when you’re tip-top, a coach makes you better!

About this site.

I’m here to give you a helping hand, so you can get on your way to living a life with a kick ass mindset that you actually love.

I’m building a community of people who feel ready to finally put themselves forward for some well earned self acceptance and self care.

I know oh-so well how difficult it is to juggle in life- I solo parent 2 kids, work, study social work, run the home and everything in between. It feels like we never, ever get a minute.

But I promise you, by taking micro steps each day, you can completely transform your mindset and start truly believing in yourself. That niggling voice of self doubt is not who you are and it’s time for it to F off! (I meant fly, okay!)

So if you want to join me, where we can support and champion through every step of the way. This is the place for you.

We’re here to see you for the amazing human, super hot mama or papa that you really are! (even with spit up on your shirt, we still see you)! you’re rockin’ it!

So stop standing in your own way..

Let’s do this!

“There is no influence so powerful as that of the Mother”

I know what it’s like to feel ‘not good enough’, but you ARE! You’re more than good enough.

I need you to look in the mirror and see that beautiful face and say to yourself out loud; I deserve happiness, I deserve fulfilment, I deserve to feel damn well good about myself.

You’re incredible… Always remember, you’re just one decision away from doing amazing things with your life.

Even if you don’t sign up here, that’s totally cool, I’m just asking you, mother to mother- please don’t wait for life to come to you, life is short and precious and we only get out of it, what we put in.

You’re spending every moment of every day taking care of your tribe. I know, I do it too, but it is so so SO important for you to take a Mom moment each day. Just to take stock, reflect, get the mind ready for all of the things that you can and will do, FOR YOU! t

Take action today and call it into your life.

This is what I want... This is what I need to do to get there… I can take 15-30 minutes a day to write it all down for myself... I can create the life I deserve and I can be completely happy and grateful for all that I have in my life.

Quick Bio

I’m a solo Mama who has led quite the unconventional life.

It’s taken me many years to fully embrace my quirks and oddities- but it’s who I am and how they became part of me is what makes me who I am.

I’ve taken the scenic route through live and it’s led me along routes many other people would probably avoide, but, it’s brought me to a place where I want to help others.

I’ve volunteered in South America and more locally, I’m a student of social work right now, having completed a Communications degree WAY back in the day, I knew it wasn’t for me, I’ve always been too shy for the media world here in Ireland.

I love real humans, those who aren’t afraid to show their vulnerability. I don’t mean I only admire people who broadcast their vulnerabilities to the world, that’s far from everyones cup of tea, but once you’re aware that there is something within you that’s holding you back, that you have something more to give in life but maybe you can’t figure out exactly what it is or how to go about getting it.

– I want to help. I know you don’t know me, but I’ve been in places over the years where I wished there was someone that could help, help with advice, unwavering support, help with guidance and ultimately get to where I am today.

I’m beyond passionate about helping women, who’ve had hard times, who just need to be heard and seen and to find their true, full potential.

Peace and Love xx

How I can help?

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  • Alternatively, please sign up for a discovery call, where we can discuss working together in the future.

Inspirational Quotes… Necessary!

“Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.”

Oprah! (Queen)

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Happiness & Success

If you take one thing from my page, I hope it’s this; Always know that YOU can do ANYTHING with the right mindset and a direction. Sometimes, we just need someone to show us what we already know.

Leah Freeman

Mindset Mentor